Ease of Use and Speed

Clavaestacas JC500 Post Driver

Capable of piercing the ground with ease, driving posts or any kind of wooden or metal sticks without involving costly and complex building works.

Professional Results
Clava Estacas JC500 - Resultados Profesionales
Clava Estacas JC500 - Gran Robustez y Durabilidad

Professional Post Driver

Great Robustness and Durability

Designed and manufactured using high quality materials. Pieces cast and moulded using high-performance steel.

1-Year Warranty.

Equipped with Honda’s

Powerful 4-stroke GX35 Engine

UA reputable engine that will ensure a long lifespan.
A four-stroke, 95-octane petrol engine with no oil mix.

Features a Time Counter.
Clava Estacas JC500 - Equipada con el Potente Motor Honda GX35 4T

Design, Patents and Manufacture:

Manufactured in Europe

Its European design, patents and manufacture guarantee the very best quality, both in terms of materials and finishes.

Outstanding Power and Manoeuverability.

Just 18 kg.

Its lightness makes it easy to handle and carry.
Perfect for hard-to-access areas.
Great driving power.

1.698 blows per minute.

Let the JC500 do the work for you.

Ergonomic Design

One of its main advantages lies in its ease of use, as it is a light, manoeuverable machine that weighs just 18 kg. Because not too much strength is required, it may be operated easily by one person for prolonged periods of time without causing fatigue.
Its soft rubber handles absorb vibration in order that the work may be carried out comfortably.

For daily use.

Manual Easy-Start.

TAll controls within your reach

Driving control.
ControlSystem featuring throttle block.
Throttle trigger.
Throttle regulator.
Disconnection switch.

For your comfort and ease of use.

Increased Versatility.

Multiple Uses

Allows for directly and effortlessly fixing wooden posts and stakes, as well as metallic profiles of any shape or size to whatever depth in the ground.

Ideal for saving time carrying while out the most strenuous tasks.

Essential for farm maintenance, fencing of agricultural, rustic and urban plots of land, cattle facilities and farms requiring large posts, as well as for installing tents, pickets, signs, fences, nurseries, vineyards, fruit plantations, railings and fences.

Save time and money while you safeguard your health, your back will thank you for it!

Solidly Built

Quality and Guarantee

Made in Europe

European Design, Patents and Manufacture

Technical Specifications

Clavaestacas Post Driver Model


Measurements (XxYxZ)

74,0 x 58,0 x 10,5 cm.


18 Kg.

Blows per Minute


Standard Mouth Diameter

83 mm.

Adapter included

53 mm.
12 to 103 mm. adapters available.

Advance System

Double safety throttle trigger with integrated STOP feature.

Grip System

Ergonomic handles featuring vibration insulation.

Maximum Height

3 m.



4-stroke Honda GX35


35 cc.


1 kW (1,3 CV)

Maximum Rate

6.350 rpm

Start System

Manual recoil

Content of the Box

Our Clavaestacas JC500 Post Driver comes in a sturdy container box with handles designed to facilitate transport and storage and includes a KIT that will allow you to start working immediately while ensuring increased protection when using it.

The KIT includes:

• Sturdy box for transport and storage.

• 53 mm Mouth Adapter

• Set of Tools

• Pot of grease for correct maintenance.

• Safety Ear Muffs

• Gloves

• Instruction Manual

• 1 year warranty

Box weight: 20 Kg.
Box measurements
(XxYxZ): 60 x 40 x 41 cm.

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